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Our goal is to help develop every athlete to reach their maximal potential in their sport! Our program is a process that requires full participation! You can’t develop any skill over a couple of weeks, results take time. Consistency will allow the athlete to attain the drastic improvements necessary to better their overall sports performance!

Our program trains the nervous system to find the optimal order of muscle activation in relation to timing, body position, and body angles; which are all critical in any sport that involves instant deceleration and acceleration. Speed is dependent on the rate at which signals are sent from the receptors to effectors, and back again, which results in levels of excitation or inhibition of the muscle involved. An athlete’s receptors and effectors therefore need to be optimally excited and uninhibited in order to result in the optimum recruitment of fast-twitch muscle fibre. The only way to achieve this at an optimal level is to train with professionals who know how to maximize it!

Our training will maximize the athletes movement mechanics, which will directly relate to how they move on the field! Speed and change of direction are absolutely crucial in any sport, those who perform this fastest will be a step ahead of the rest! Coaches, recruiters, and scouts want to see something in every player and that’s speed! Speed is something that needs to be taught, learned and developed! We’ve taught thousands of athletes to move fast we can teach you too!

Athletes Success
2013/14: 16 full scholarship athletes
2013/14: 19 total scholarship athletes
2013/14: 2 MHSAA football championship (D1 Clarkston & 3-peat champs D2 Brother Rice)
2013: Chris Leigh (Lake Orion HS): 20 yard shuttle National Record holder 3.81
2013: 17 athletes made the all combine team out of 700
Nationally Ranked Athletes in each of the football combine tests for the past 8 years
#1 overall combine performer for 7th time in 9 years!

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