Athletes Edge USA

Competitive Edge

Ages 12-19

Competitive Edge

Our Signature Speed & Strength Training

Athletes are now entering into the strength and power years (ages 12-18) – the best for developing blazing speed
All aspects of program are geared toward maximum production. Emphasis is on exercise technique, (to decrease risk of injury, and provide maximum efficiency), ideal program progression (to facilitate regeneration) and mental awareness, (enhance ability to focus and develop relentless approach to training)
“Competitive Edge” training is just that:
a. Learning to compete with other athletes during training
b. Learning to train at the same intensity level as involved in competitive sport

Athletes are put into two groups based on “The Athletes Edge” evaluation:
a. Accomplished
b. Basic

Highest level of sport specific, energy system, neural adaptation, and technique training

Most prolific use of “Cutting Edge” exercise.


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