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Competitive Edge

Our Signature Speed & Strength Training

Athletes are now entering into the strength and power years (ages 12-18) – the best for developing blazing speed
All aspects of program are geared toward maximum production. Emphasis is on exercise technique, (to decrease risk of injury, and provide maximum efficiency), ideal program progression (to facilitate regeneration) and mental awareness, (enhance ability to focus and develop relentless approach to training)
“Competitive Edge” training is just that:
a. Learning to compete with other athletes duringĀ training
b. Learning to train at the same intensity level asĀ involved in competitive sport

Athletes are put into two groups based on “The Athletes Edge” evaluation:
a. Accomplished
b. Basic

Highest level of sport specific, energy system, neural adaptation, and technique training

Most prolific use of “Cutting Edge” exercise.


Combine Performance Training

An athlete must be thoroughly examined to accurately assess their ability to perform combine skills. Our performance director Jim Browne is uniquely qualified to make such an evaluation and lead our athletes towards maximum combine results.

Combine Evaluation
Each athlete must be assessed on physical skills such as: linear speed, agility, balance, explosiveness and coordination. Athletes must also be evaluated on combine event performance. Each athlete will be measured on the skills involved in completing each combine event. Event performers will be video analyzed to detect technique errors and develop skill improvement strategies. Some athletes are often nervous at combines due to the stakes of gaining scholarship attention. Our athletes are confident because their prepared!!!
40 Yard Dash
The 40 is the highlight of the combine regardless of position. Components of the 40 are the stance, start, first step, acceleration, maximal velocity and the finish. When each phase is perfected, optimal results will follow.

185/225 Pound Bench Press

Is this the real measure of a football player’s functional playing strength? No, but they test you so you better get it right. Maximizing one’s bench not only requires strength but meticulous technique. We analyze each athlete for maximum strength and repetition endurance ability in order to design the optimal approach for improvement. Every athlete has the opportunity for some real improvement here.

Vertical Jump

The test for explosiveness. This test is a coordinated skill involving a rapid exchange between eccentric and concentric actions culminating with an accurate “touch” for maximum height. Proper foot and arm placement and timing body descent are keys to a good jump. This event is commonly under-trained, but is one where proper technique and practice can really make a difference.

20 Year Shuttle
This event is more important than the 40 as it is more reflective of the lateral movement critical to the game. Here, practice and proper technique makes perfect. Optimal start position, proper lateral movement mechanics, change-of-direction and finish techniques all are stressed.

Kneeling Medicine Ball Throw

Many combines substitute this event for the bench press, it is thought to be a good gauge of upper body strength and power.

3 Cone Drill
By far the most intense drill; proper execution is the key. Athletes learn proper start position, change of direction, mechanics, touch and finish techniques. Those who do not practice this drill will record a poor score.

Athletes Edge Evaluation

The genesis of your development

Every athlete must complete “The Athletes Edge” evaluation. This provides the beginning information which will be used comparatively during subsequent evaluations as well as development of individual athlete’s training protocols.

Following the evaluation, athletes and parents will meet with Jim Browne to review test scores and determine appropriate program progression.

Video Performance Assessment

The genesis of your development

Our most technically advanced program

Objective is to teach techniques, skills, and drills required to excel in a test setting. Athletes will learn proper bio-motor characteristics involved in test. Errors in techniques will be addressed and corrected. Athlete’s will also learn to prepare and perform physically and mentally for maximal test results. DVD on entire assessment will be given to athlete, as will as a full written account of test. DVD will help athlete continue to learn long after assessment is completed and gives a full documentation of current abilities.

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