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Competitive Edge/Combine Training (ages 12-19)

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2024 Winter Training Schedule   





HOLIDAY SCHGEDULE – Tuesday Dec.26th @ 3:45, Wednesday Dec. 27th @ 3:45, Thursday Dec. 28th @ 3:45






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About Athletes Edge USA

1017164_818320804851807_1336652437_nThe Athletes Edge is the culmination of over 20 years of research and experience. Jim Browne has developed a science based functional sports training system that has developed thousands of athletes from southeastern Michigan. Hundreds of our athletes have received scholarships and many have reached professional sports (See our “Hall of Fame” section). Our system has proven to improve the rate at which an athlete adapts neurologically, biochemically and metabolically. Jim Browne, former two sport All American and NFL football player, is our director of performance. Jim has maintained a hands on training relationship with all of our athletes for over 20 years! This is imperative for consistency, motivation and confidence. “I feel that the most important component of sports training is developing a relationship with each athlete. This relationship provides the foundation to train at a consistently competitive level in a comfortable atmosphere” says Browne. 340We are not a franchise where there is no relationship and you end up training with someone new each session. We don’t send athletes off on their own to train with some cookie-cutter program. When an athlete enters Athletes Edge USA they are entering a one of a kind sports training experience. We have a 60,000 square foot state of the art translucent dome with the latest generation field turf all new in 2009. We have 5,000 square feet of functional speed and strength training equipment which allows us an unlimited choice when choosing sports specific training protocols. Athletes Edge USA has 10 acres of astroturf, field turf, sand pits and court surfaces to train on, as well as a one of a kind stability ropes course. We have vast facilities both indoors and outdoors that provides our athletes with the most versatile and complete training experience in the state of Michigan. Our athletes are nurtured, taught and trained during scientifically based training sessions. Jim Browne’s proven approach will maximize improvements in explosive speed and power which leads to strength, balance and active recovery that will reduce an athletes exposure to injury.

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